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American Express

I completed two projects for American Express while working at Human Factors International. The first was a usability assessment of AmEx's marketing campaign management system, while the second involved a user interface redesign of their card member self-service site. As a Project Director for both engagements, I designed business process and workflow diagrams, conducted heuristic analyses, and designed user interface wireframes.

AMEX entity relationship diagram

An entity relationship diagram of AMEX's campaign management organization created with Visio.

AMEX ethnographic diagram

An ethnographic research diagram of an AMEX campaign manager created with Visio.

AMEX wireframe

A wireframe proposal for AMEX's campaign management system created in PowerPoint.

AMEX ecosystem diagram

An ecosystem diagram of AMEX's customer service environment created with Visio.

AMEX wireframe

A wireframe of AMEX's card member self-service portal created in PowerPoint.

AMEX prototype

A high fidelity prototype of the AMEX card member self-service site created in Photoshop.